The New Generalists:

Combining experience in a wide range of legal contexts with a proven history of mastering new and complex subjects quickly, our firm's approach to law maximizes client value.


Entrepreneurial Spirit:

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and understand the challenges faced by businesses who need to solve problems in a way that maximizes value. We work with our clients to devise win-win solutions.


Litigation Expertise:

Although our firm consistently provides business and transactional advice, our specialty lies in resolving commercial disputes. We represent clients in commercial arbitration, civil litigation, criminal defense, and before regulatory bodies.


Geographic Scope:

Through an extensive network of local counsel, we regularly represent clients all over the nation, and the world. For example, we recently prevailed in arbitration in California, and regularly advise clients on transactions in the Middle East.

The world is changing rapidly, and you need a law firm that can change with the times. Our firm has the knowledge, experience, and agility to help you navigate your most difficult legal challenges.

By combining breadth of experience across a range of legal contexts with our ability to master complex and novel legal challenges quickly, we are the firm to see in the information age. Welcome to Clinton Brook & Peed.

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