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Clinton Brook & Peed is a law firm for the 21st Century. Our attorneys hail from among the nation’s top law firms, with a commitment to providing the same high level of intellectual rigor and attention to detail for which they were known at their former employers. What differentiates us from our larger competitors is our ability to deliver the top-notch legal services without the overhead that tends to drive up costs.

The New Generalists:

None of our attorneys focuses exclusively on any one or two narrow areas of law. At any given time, one of our attorneys might be engaged in a wide range of legal matters–like drafting a white collar federal criminal appeal, preparing for a commercial arbitration hearing, handling plea negotiations in a felony criminal case, and advising a government contractor on commercial agency arrangements in the Middle East.

By promoting experiences in a wide range of legal contexts, Clinton Brook & Peed fosters an environment of creativity and innovation that has served our clients well. With a proven history of mastering new and complex subjects quickly, our firm limits the need to hire subject-matter specialists at their ordinarily much-higher rates. Rather, if a matter requires specialized knowledge, engage specialists as co-counsel so that their expertise is brought to bear when and where it is needed.

Geographic Scope:

Our firm has offices in New York City and the District of Columbia, and our lawyers are also members of the bars of Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, and the federal courts in Maryland, and even qualified to appear in England and Wales (as a Solicitor). Through the use of technology and an extensive network of local counsel, however, we are able to extend our firm’s reach globally. We have handled matters from Maryland to California, Massachusetts to Florida, and even in the Middle East and South Asia.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

We understand how difficult it can be to decide how to balance legal risks against a business’s bottom line. We are fellow entrepreneurs and businesspeople: we have co-founded, managed, and raised capital for new and growing enterprises, and each of our partners is actively engaged in firm management. We also work closely with other innovators. For example, we serve as outside counsel to the Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity and personal counsel to Dr. Hayat Sindi, a PopTech fellow in both Science and Social Innovation, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and one of the first women appointed to the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia.

These experiences help us to see things from our clients’ perspectives, promoting a collaborative and value-maximizing attorney-client relationship.

Value-Based Services:

In an increasingly competitive legal landscape, clients demand predictability in their legal budgets and seek lean, focused staffing on all matters. Traditional bill-by-the-hour methodologies, though still widely used, don’t always work as well as billing arrangements that focus on value, like flat fees, results-based fees, and client-satisfaction holdbacks. These arrangements can work very well when the law firm and the client work collaboratively at the beginning of the engagement to define the goals of the representation and quantify the likelihood and magnitude of success, so that the cost of legal services can be structured to optimize expected value for both the law firm and the client.

This process requires creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to understand the client’s business needs. Clinton Brook & Peed consistently has been delivering high-quality legal services under value-based billing arrangements since its inception.


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