David Chung

David ChungMr. Chung is Of Counsel to the Firm, an experienced D.C. liquor lawyer specializing in matters before D.C.’s Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, he returned to his native Washington, D.C. to practice for one of the country’s largest and most prestigious law firms. Working within a firm of more than 900 lawyers, Mr. Chung represented multi-billion Fortune 50 companies in a number of transactional, regulatory, and litigation contexts, including antitrust and international aviation.

After practicing “Big Law” for several years, Mr. Chung pursued his interests as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, owning and operating the following venues in Washington: Daedalus, kstreet lounge, George, Chinese Disco, Mason Inn and Capitale. During that period, he also handled multiple trials and was responsible for all labor, contract, litigation, tax, and regulatory matters related to those ventures, including matters relating to D.C.’s alcohol laws.

Mr. Chung’s unique perspective as an operator, entrepreneur, and lawyer enables him to effectively advise clients on D.C.’s liquor laws in his specialized practice before D.C.’s ABRA. In addition to his ABRA practice at the Firm, Mr. Chung is a staunch advocate for the Asian American community. In that capacity, he was hand-picked by three consecutive mayors (Mayor Williams, Mayor Fenty, and Mayor Gray) to serve as a Commissioner and Chairman of the D.C. Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Affairs, where he advocated the interests of the API community in the District of Columbia.

Specifically, he advised the Mayor on government policies and programs, served as a liaison between government and private organizations, promoted public awareness of government programs, and headed the annual report on APIs to each Mayor. Mr. Chung’s experiences as a businessman, government appointee, and licensed attorney brings clients an immeasurable benefit with regard to D.C. liquor laws and ABRA matters.

Speeches & Publications:

  • District of Columbia Bar, “Becoming an Entrepreneur: A Guide for Lawyers,” (June 2011)

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