Sep 9

C&P Files $1 Million Fraud Lawsuit in North Carolina


Clinton & Peed filed a claim for approximately $1 million against Stephen Singh, a resident of Frisco, Texas. The lawsuit alleges that Singh, a founding employee of C&P client Minnacca, Inc. (the “Company”), with sole responsibility over the Company’s financial affairs, spent over fifteen years

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fostering and encouraging a special trust and confidential relationship with the Company and its General Operations Manager. From at least April 2007 through April 2008, Singh abused this trust relationship by intentionally concealing the fact that the Plaintiff had suffered $100,000 in losses. Instead, he affirmatively misrepresented to the Company that it had made over $160,000 in profits over that same period. The Complaint alleges further that Singh engaged in this fraudulent conduct in order to induce the Company to continue his employment, pay for his car, pay down his personal debt, continue to sponsor his worker’s visa so he could stay in the United States, and execute a “buy-out agreement” that provided him approximately $150,000 for agreeing to “sell” his interest in the nearly insolvent Plaintiff. The Company is confident that it will prevail on the merits of this case.

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