Criminal Defense

Clinton Brook & Peed represents individuals involved in high-stakes and high-profile criminal matters. Criminal matters present incredible challenges compared to civil cases, and the Firm’s attorneys are dedicated to helping clients resolve criminal charges as fairly and as quickly as possible. We get involved at any and all stages, from helping clients participate in the government’s investigation to filing appeals after a bad result at trial.

Retaining a quality lawyer you can trust is crucial even if you think you will plead guilty. Oftentimes prosecutors are too aggressive and will overcharge a case, substantially increasing the sentence for what should be a minor offense. It is important to have someone who can poke holes in the government’s case to get you a plea offer that is fair. And after a plea is agreed upon, there is still sentencing to deal with, and making sure you put your best foot forward with the judge could be the difference between prison and probation.

Recent Representative Matters:

  • Successfully defended a former senior foreign official against charges carrying a mandatory life sentence in the District Court for the District of Columbia. After a three week trial, CB&P obtained an acquittal on some charges, and through post-verdict motion practice, managed to convince the government to dismiss the remaining charges.
  • Represented the former CEO of a large retail pharmacy chain in appeal of conviction for securities fraud before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • At the request of the foreign embassy of a dual citizen defendant, recently intervened in connection with a felony property crime conviction.

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