January 18

CB&P Obtains Complete Dismissal of Charges for Former Foreign Official

Clinton Brook & Peed is very pleased to announced that after being acquitted of piracy charges in November, the Firm’s pro bono client, Ali Mohamed Ali, has finally been cleared of all charges of wrongdoing. The federal government initially sought to retry Mr. Ali on hostage taking charges after the jury hung on those counts,.

November 8

The Guardian: Piracy Mastermind or Mere Translator? Somali Man on Trial over Ship Hijacking

THIS STORY APPEARED IN THE GUARDIAN: By: Paul Lewis The Guardian newspaper recently ran a piece about our recent criminal defense of former Director-General of Education for Somaliland Ali Mohamed Ali.: “Prosecutors accuse Ali Mohamed Ali, 51, of piracy, but critics say US government is over-reaching by bringing charges “A Somali man appeared in US.

June 12

D.C. Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Conspiracy Charges against Somaliland’s Former Director-General of Education

CASE RESULTS DEPEND UPON A VARIETY OF FACTORS UNIQUE TO EACH CASE; CASE RESULTS DO NOT GUARANTEE OR PREDICT A SIMILAR RESULT IN ANY FUTURE CASE. WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued an opinion yesterday affirming the dismissal of conspiracy charges against firm client Ali Mohamed Ali..

January 31

Matt Peed Joins Panel Discussion on Somali Piracy

CB&P Partner Matt Peed joined a panel of distinguished scholars yesterday sponsored by the non-profit organization 100 Reporters to discuss the phenomenon of Somali piracy after a screening of the new documentary film Stolen Seas: Tales of Somali Piracy. The documentary features extensive footage and interviews with Clinton Brook & Peed’s client, former Director General.

July 24

NPR: Judge Orders Release of Man Accused of Negotiating on Behalf of Somali Pirates

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July 24

Fox News: Judge Orders Release of Alleged Somali Pirate

THIS ARTICLE APPEARED IN FOXNEWS.COM: By: Associated Press WASHINGTON — A judge on Tuesday ordered the release of an alleged Somali pirate to home confinement while the government pursues an appeal that could delay his trial until next year. The trial of Ali Mohamed Ali was scheduled to begin next week. But prosecutors said Tuesday.

July 23

Washington Post: Judge Assails Prosecutors for “Inexcusable Behavior” in Somali Pirate Case

THIS ASSOCIATED PRESS ARTICLE APPEARED IN THE WASHINGTON POST: By: Associated Press WASHINGTON — The federal judge overseeing the case of a Somali man accused of negotiating a ransom payment during a 2008 pirate takeover of a Danish merchant ship told prosecutors they had engaged in “inexcusable behavior,” and suggested they will have a hard.

July 13

CB&P Secures Landmark International Law Ruling in Favor of Pro Bono Client

Washington, D.C.—In the matter of United States v. Ali Mohamed Ali, federal District Judge Ellen S. Huvelle issued a landmark ruling, finding that there is no crime of conspiracy to commit piracy under international law. Defendant Ali is the former Director-General of Education for Somaliland, a self-declared autonomous republic within Somalia. In April 2011, he.

January 12

CB&P Files Public Bond Brief in Piracy Case Against Somaliland’s Former Director-General of Education

This evening, Clinton Brook & Peed filed a redacted version of their renewed motion for pretrial release on behalf of Ali Mohamed Ali, the former Director-General of Somaliland’s Ministry of Education. Mr. Ali stands accused of piracy under the law of nations, attack to plunder, hostage taking, and other crimes. This filing marks the first.